Ruby+Solberg’s staff has worked with every major voice/data hardware manufacturer and service provider, and over 200 local and independent exchange carriers. Our objective is to reduce our clients’ telecom budget (by on average 20%) and make it easier to manage going forward. There’s no risk to try an audit, as you’ll only be billed a portion of the savings we find. We’re experts, and strive to make our clients look good with our in-depth analysis, recommendations, and savings.

What is a telecom cost audit?
A Ruby+Solberg telecom audit starts with a thorough financial analysis of your company’s telecom bills and costs. We then recommend and implement service and billing changes to optimize efficiency and generate savings.

Why do we need one?
On average, 85% of telecom bills are paid without analysis or audit simply because the bills are inherently complex, and carriers are unresponsive or uncooperative. Locating, negotiating, and optimizing telecom costs requires significant expertise and time commitment.

How much does it cost?
There’s no cost to begin a telecom audit, as you’ll be billed on a contingent fee basis.
Ruby+Solberg is ONLY compensated by a portion of the hard dollar savings we achieve for you and document to your satisfaction.

How do we start?
To get begin the audit process, we’ll just need copies of your telecom/datacom bills from the past 2 months.
Post Audit: Maintain Cost and Time Savings
Ruby+Solberg also provides ongoing Telecom Expense Management (TEM) services we call Validated Telecom Billing (VTB®) that makes sure these costs stay where they are post-audit and don’t creep back up.

Audit Results/Client Savings:

• Ruby+Solberg saved a medical health plan company $84,000 by redesigning the network topology for better cost,
efficiency and disaster recovery.
• Ruby+Solberg reduced the directory assistance costs by $43,200 for a non-profit hospital by redirecting how the calls were routed.
• Ruby+Solberg helped a large regional bank consolidate three different networks after growth acquisitions. The savings for the redesign, renegotiation and consolidation was over $40,000 per month.

Please contact us for more information about telecom audits!