Ruby+Solberg is the largest telecom expense management (TEM) firm headquartered in the Pacific Northwest. The firm is comprised of telecom experts, accountants and IT professionals.

We offer our services in several different ways. We can perform a one-time only telecom audit. We also offer contract management and negotiations, but the most value-driven and comprehensive plan that we offer is our monthly managed services or Validated Telecom Billing service (VTB®). With the monthly VTB® service, we receive, dispute, process, and pay our clients’ telecom bills. We continue to recommend ways to reduce costs and help to implement those changes. After we get involved, telecom becomes a simple issue for our clients because we take care of everything.

Telecom Audits

Telecom carrier contracts are not client friendly. They are multi-headed, and they penalize you if you do not meet all of the terms and conditions. Carrier billing is very cryptic and many times frequently contains errors. One’s ability to negotiate and actively manage these contracts is the difference between just paying for services or investing in a strategy to generate the best return on your investment.Experienced teams

Our consultants can recover funds and credits from prior billing errors, generate recommendations to reduce cost in the future, ensure that invoices comply with terms of vendor contracts, and verify that all charges are for legitimate services.

Our auditors will present you with a comprehensive scope of the services you are receiving under your current contract, and make you aware of all your contractual obligations. Based on our audit, we will then recommend options that will deliver an enhanced range of services for less money.

Contract Management & Negotiation

No internal personnel can be expected to possess the same expertise to evaluate telecom vendor proposals and contracts with complex terms, rates, and conditions as an experienced consultant. Our consultants are armed with the knowledge and experience to fight the battle for you.

We will negotiate directly with your carrier to make sure that you are getting the best value for your dollar. We know how to dispute problems that arise with the vendors and get issues resolved in favor of our clients.

Monthly Bill Processing

VTB Monthly Services
We call our monthly bill processing VTB® (Validated Telecom Billing). It is our service that ensures your telecom investments by cleaning up your telecom asset database and then making sure they stay clean, accurate, and as lean as possible. It will keep the savings coming month after month.

With this solution our first line of defense for saving our customer money is going over their invoices and making it as stress free as possible for them. Each client is assigned an Account Analyst that looks over every single line of every invoice. We do all the work and provide you with quarterly statements that reflect all of your telecom activities for review.

During the monthly billing audits, we use very sophisticated invoicing software to locate billing errors and billing overages. We are always upgrading our technology and methods to ensure you have the highest level of service possible.

Simply put, on a monthly basis, Ruby+Solberg will receive, process, pay, dispute, analyze, and manage all your telecom expenses. Among our team’s talents, you’ll find a wide diversity of expertise that makes us adept at working with not only your IT Telecom Department, but also with your Finance Department, Accounts Payable and the Company Controller. You can sit back and relax with confidence knowing that experts are handling everything, saving you time, and money.

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