What is Validated Telecom Billing® (VTB)?

VTB® is Ruby+Solberg’s full-service TEM. We receive, process, pay and archive all of your telecom and datacom bills.  We also provide customized reporting for your accounting/AP staff that maps all bill payment activities to your GL codes for seamless integration into your accounting system.

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My business already went through a telecom cost audit. Why do we need VTB®?

To maintain the financial and organizational benefits of your audit, you have to have ongoing maintenance. Post-audit, costs will creep back up by at least 4% annually; many companies will see an even steeper increase.

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How much does VTB® cost?

The cost varies with the how many telecom and datacom bills your business has, the number of carriers, and which carriers you use. Our VTB®customers have a monthly ROI ranging from 70-110%.

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Why do we need to outsource telecom expense management?

With monthly VTB® service, Ruby+Solberg’s meticulous telecom analysts will review all of you company’s telecom invoices. Analysts then dispute and resolve overcharges, validate and approve all other charges, allocate internal accounting codes and even pay bills your behalf.

Outsourcing TEM will improve your bottom line and allow your staff to focus on core competencies.

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How do my company’s bills get to Ruby+Solberg, and do we still need to monitor them?

All invoices are directed to a customer’s assigned PO Box or email address and then uploaded into our secure software.

Ruby+Solberg’s team will take on the tedious day-to-day processes of managing invoices, disputes, and payments, and function as an extension of your AP department. Our sophisticated and responsive software gives your company 24/7/365 access and visibility across all accounts and has extensive reporting capabilities.

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How will Ruby+Solberg be able to work within our accounting software and GL coding?

Our software allows us to create a custom export reports that can easily input into your company’s existing accounting software. We receive the coding directly from your company’s AP department to ensure our seamless integration.  

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How do we get started?

We want to help you save money and focus on your business- so we pride ourselves on having an onboarding process that’s not intrusive or disruptive to your day to day operations. Give us a call or shoot us an email for a free consultation and to hear more about our tailored services.

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