HomeStreet Bank

Client Case Study:
Growth is Great But Brings Challenges

HomeStreet Bank was founded in 1921. Based in Seattle, it’s one of the largest community banks headquartered in Washington. HomeStreet Bank offers consumer and commercial banking, mortgage lending and loans for residential construction, commercial real estate financing, investment and insurance products and services in the Pacific Northwest, California, and Hawaii. Expansion into the states of Arizona, Utah, and Colorado are scheduled in the near future.

The Problem

With 103 locations, communication between all the branches is paramount. The management it takes to make sure there are no interruptions to services, especially as branches are added and acquisitions are made, is a huge challenge.

The purchase of mobile phones, changes to contracts, the review of invoices, and paying the bills for such a variety of locations, generates a real problem. The massive amount of paperwork that is generated related to telecom invoicing was overwhelming.

Gordon Way

HomeStreet Bank OfficeGordon Way is the IT Operations Manager for HomeStreet Bank. Gordon is responsible for making sure that communications between all the banks’ 103 deposit branches and lending centers operate efficiently.

The IT Department has a large responsibility managing all of the telecom bills. Gordon is involved in all the banks’ financial audits since most of the audits involve the general controls around accounts payable.

“Ruby+Solberg is doing a very good job of taking a weight off my shoulders. I am very thankful for that and the nature of our business relationship. We have recently expanded our services with them to include wireless phone audits, landline audits, and contract audits. Ruby+Solberg always has been able to save us money!”   – Gordon Way, IT Operations Manager

The Solution

People are always amazed at how much paperwork is generated by telecom billing. That can be a tremendous workload to deal with because every page is filled with almost undecipherable telecom industry jargon.
“When I first started at HomeStreet Bank there were about 5,000 pieces of paper a month that were telecom invoice related,” said Gordon. “But with all the growth that has occurred, the telecom invoice related papers have now moved to over 30,000 pieces per month. The fact that I don’t see or have to touch 30,000 pieces of paper per month is priceless! I don’t think there’s anything I wouldn’t pay to make this happen. Being able to manage 1,700 plus users on one Verizon account is a lot of work. So to just have someone that I can send a request to and know that it will be completed is pretty valuable.”

Gordon Way, IT Operations Manager - HomeStreet BankThrough a business acquisition, HomeStreet Bank added about 450 users almost overnight. “These people needed to be set up for business on Monday morning. It was very beneficial to have Ruby+Solberg do that for us,” says Gordon.

“I would recommend Ruby+Solberg to anyone. It doesn’t really matter how small or large your company is. Invoice processing is a difficult issue and to find a solution, I would definitely recommend Ruby+Solberg.”

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