At Ruby+Solberg, we partner with thriving businesses to take charge of their telecom expenses. We support our clients through financial and technological knowledge for a better, more simplified telecom experience.

Founded in 1993, Ruby+Solberg is a premier provider of telecom expense management (TEM) services headquartered in Portland, Oregon. Telecom expense management is a complex and technical process that can be very challenging to manage. We bring together a team of expert telecom auditors, accountants, and legal experts that are dedicated toward relieving our clients of that burden while saving them time and money.

Ruby+Solberg TeamRuby+Solberg Team  Ruby+Solberg Team

Chris Skubic, President of Ruby+Solberg, is resolute about bringing the full resources of the Ruby+Solberg team to help their clients be as successful as possible.

Ruby+Solberg provides a variety of services that usually begin with an initial audit of the client’s telecom contracts.  The audit is geared toward recommendations for efficiency and cost savings. Most of our clients then choose to continue our relationship with an ongoing monthly expense management review that includes monthly bill processing, bill allocation, and bill payment.


We are committed to helping our clients successfully address their communication processes and expense issues. We take a partnering approach to telecom management and focus completely on our customer’s needs.



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