Ruby+Solberg is doing a very good job of taking a weight off my shoulders.  I am very thankful for that and the nature of our business relationship.  We have recently expanded our services with them to include wireless phone audits, landline audits, and contract audits.  Ruby+Solberg has always been able to save us money!

Gordon Way, HomeStreet Bank

IT Operations Manager


Paying Too Much

Columbia Forest Products operates several plants throughout the United States and Canada. Their telecom billing was dispersed across the entire organization instead of being centralized. Telecom cost was out of control and they needed help. Ruby+Solberg took over all the telecom billing and went to work trying to save them money. In the past 12 months, Ruby+Solberg was able to drive $70,000 annually out of their wireless bills.

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HomeStreet Bank

Growth Is Great But Brings Challenges

HomeStreet Bank has recently been experiencing tremendous growth. Growth is a wonderful thing but it brings its own set of challenges. HomeStreet Bank has now expanded into more than a hundred branches creating a need for hundreds of new cell phones in a variety of locations.  Ruby+Solberg facilitated all the cell phone purchases, merged all the contracts, and handled tons of paperwork.

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Neil Jones Food Company

Telecom Expenses Were Out Of Control

Neil Jones Food Company found their telecom billing was totally out of control. The billing was very difficult to understand and they were afraid they were being overbilled, but they didn’t have the time they needed to deal with it. One call to Ruby+Solberg set things back on the right path. Ruby+Solberg saved them time they didn’t have and money they needed.

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“I would recommend that anyone use Ruby+Solberg, if for no other reason than that they allow you to stay focused on what your core competencies are within your own business.”

Cliff Cayer - Columbia Forest Products

Director of Network Operations

Member Of:TEMIA

"If I were to have one thing to say to another company that is thinking about using Ruby+Solberg to help control their telecom expenses, it would be, Go For It!!”

Alain Godbout - Neil Jones Food Company

Director of Information Systems